How To Hire Diesel Generator For Rent/Hire In Bangalore

Power cut and voltage fluctuation have been a major problem for individuals and businesses. Power Express provides generator rental services in Bangalore with variety as per requirement. We have well trained professionals and engineers who take care after every aspect of service.

We have generators of different capacities 7.5KVA to 2000KVA. Our rental services are short term as well as long term like 6 months or more. Our services are reliable and affordable so we are gaining rapid acceptability in Bangalore and other parts.

Which Types of generators are available?

In market, different types of generators are quite easily available and here we are going to mention few. As requirement changes, in parallel type of generator required also changes. Below we have written some type of generators:

  1. 7.5KVA, 15KVA, 20KVA, 25KVA, 30KVA, 40KVA, 125KVA, 250KVA and so on…          
  2. Sound proof diesel generator: this type of generator is in high demand. It has cooler and sound absorbing system that makes entire set up complete. In marriages and corporate functions, sound proof generators are often rented mounted of special vehicle.
  3. Trolley Mounted Diesel Generators: As per structure of generator, vehicles are designed and it will be movable as required.

What are advantages of Diesel Generator Renting?

There are numerous aspects that go in the favor of diesel generators. Here we will list them one by one:

  1. Generator will be ready to use mode so there is no additional effort to make use of it.
  2. Entire set up is highly portable so there wouldn’t be any problem while moving.
  3. In few states of India, Power cost is high, if we compare cost with diesel generator power then it will be cheaper.
  4. Power evacuation system to manage power cables.
  5. Vehicle mounted generator so it will be highly mobile.
  6. Reliable cummins engine will be used for power generation.
  7. For every generator, we have improvised noise reduction system.
  8. Our cooling system is advance which reduces overheating and reduces fuel consumption.

Some Common Questions (FAQs) Often Asked about Diesel Generator Rental

Why generator rental is better than buying a new one?

Once you place order then generator will be available within an hour in any part of Bangalore. You don’t have to worry for maintenance of entire set up. We will be always ready for substitution if there comes requirement. Buying generator alone wouldn’t be enough, you will have to get an expert to run and maintain. Overall hiring generator service is affordable as well as hassle free.

What about Installation of entire diesel generator in Bangalore? As you hire Power Express for generator renting service, there will be no worry for installation. We will send an expert who will look after installation and smooth functioning of generator.

What is Condition of Power in India?

India is world’s third largest producer as well as consumer of electricity. USA and China are ahead but when it comes to power infrastructure then India lacks far behind other countries. There have been numerous occasions when India faced blackout, 30th & 31st July 2012 are examples.  

How is Current Condition of Power Requirement in Bangalore?

Considering current condition both residential as well as commercial power requirements are highly dependent on power generators. Bangalore consumes third highest power among Indian cities. Diesel generator rental providers can be located throughout the city. From HSR Layout to electronic city, there are rental service providers everywhere.   

Which are different parts of diesel generator?

Generators generally consist of three parts namely fuel system, engine and alternator. If you are going to rent machine then check its efficiency and age. Eventually fuel consumption and stable power generation are important.

Advantages of diesel generators:
  1. Low maintenance: with time technology has gone advance and nowadays there is no requirement of charging spark plug and similar other hassles.
  2. Durability: it has improved over time and expected to turn better with time.
  3. High Power Load: nowadays generators are configured to handle load of high capacity. Bangalore is known for its IT sector and manufacturing industries of all scales. Generators are on high demand here to meet commercial demand too.
  4. Affordability: as per August 2021, BESCOM charges 7.30 per unit for commercial power which is not cheap at all. On other hand, diesel power generators will also cost approximately same.     
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