Types of Power Generators

Power Generators

Power Generators of Different kVA

Power-Express offers generators of different kVA as per your requirement. Higher the value of kVA, more power generator will be producing. We have generators of different range 5 kVA, 7.5 kVA, 10 kVA, 15 kVA, 20 kVA, 25 kVA, 30 kVA, 100 kVA, 250 kVA, 1000 kVA and many more.

If you do not understand meaning of KVA then our team will analyze your requirement and suggest required generator. If you have any large scale business then there will be requirement of high KVA

About Power Generators

What are different types of Generators?

We have classified our generators into three types:

  1. Bed Type Generators: 5 KVA-1010 KVA (Sound proof option is available)  
  2. Mobile Generators: 30 KVA – 1010 KVA ( High fuel efficiency & portable)
  3. Trolley Mounted Generators: 25KVA – 125 KVA

From small IT companies to large scale data centers & construction sites, we have supplied power generators for numerous types of requirements. Check our website or speak with our power experts to understand more about hiring or rental services of generators in Bangalore

What is meaning of KVA?

With generators, numerous technical terms are associated. A layman often gets confused about these terms. KVA stands for Kilo Volt-Amperes while KW stands for Kilo-Watt. If you have high value of KVA then it means, your generator’s output power will be also high. Only expert can tell, how much load can be beard by any generator?

What are requirements of Wattage as per device?

  1. First check your device and understand wattage requirements.
  2. Starting Watt: peak power requirement, max watt and startup power are essential parts to start any device using generator. As clear by name, it is concerned with initial start up of the device.
  3. Running watt: this is the power requirement to run appliance continuously under normal load.

What are Precautions to be taken for warehouse generators?

  1. There should be proper leveling of ground for generator.
  2. Little space should be left in the fuel tank of generator.
  3. While adding fuel, make sure generator is off and cool.
  4. There should be no flame near power generator and it should have at least 5 feet clearance from all sides.
  5. If any noise or smell coming from generator then make sure it should be checked by expert.
  6. Load balancing is important. Putting extra load on generator can cause issues.
Construction Generator

Fine Aspects of Construction Generator

Power-Express has been one of the prominent names for generator rental at construction sites. We have wide range of generator set as per requirement. Vehicle mounted generators are highly portable and can reach even to narrow streets of city. Construction sites need high and continuous power supply so we can’t imagine real estate site without power generator.

Bangalore is one of the rapidly growing cities when we consider Indian sub continent. City outskirts have been growing at rapid pace. Numerous real estate construction companies are active in Bangalore city.

Containerized Generators

When construction site is spread in large area then it is extremely important to have a portable generator. Containerized structure makes it perfect for movement from one place to another.

Diesel Construction Generator

This is the most used version of power generator. It is highly efficient and can be used in harsh environment.

Gas Generator

If you are operating at sensitive area then this type of generator is a perfect option. No emission and less noise are associated features. Apart from these options, in several countries there is an option to install small power plant. For more information, check website of Power-Express

How to Hire Generator in Bangalore

Here, we will go through some fine aspects that one should check before hiring generator rental services. No matter if you are going for diesel generator hire for 6 months or daily rental, you should have awareness about this machine. Diesel generator for daily hire is extremely popular nowadays in Bangalore. Earlier, this machine was mainly used for emergency usage while it has become an alternative of grid power.


If you approach any company for generator rental services then they will elaborate things as per their convenience so we are explaining things in an unbiased way. Check steps below:  

  1. Check what is your purpose to hire generator? Are you looking for only for home appliances or any factory requirements? Overall check how much watt you are going to consume. If you are taking it for home or single shop then range from 5KVA to 30 KVA would be enough to fulfill your needs.
  2. Analysis of service provider is also very crucial. Do not trap in false advertisement campaigns. Check reputation of service provider. In today’s online world, reviews are easily available online. Google and other search engines can be used to find out right service provider.
  3. Check portfolio: if you find reputed buyers in the portfolio then this can be also indication of right company.

If you are going for long term like yearly generator hire or for 6 months then you need to be extra conscious. Numerous companies in Bangalore are ISO certified so they should be also preferred. One of the major issues that comes in the process is availability of technical staff. Make sure you hire service provider that should have well trained technical staff. Generator for rent long term, generator for hire long term, monthly generator rent, monthly generator hire, yearly generator rent, yearly generator hire, diesel generator rent for 6 months, diesel generator hire for 6 months, diesel generator rent for 1 month, diesel generator hire for 1month, diesel generator for daily rent, diesel generator for daily hire 

Generators for Data Centers & IT Companies

Are you looking for power generator for data center or IT Company? Bangalore is known for information technology companies and numerous data centers have hired our services. Our services are reliable and affordable. As per requirement, our team decides which generator is required. From installation to maintenance, company’s professionals look after every aspect to be maintained by our end.

If you depend on grid power and power failure issue comes for few seconds then what would be condition? 5-10 seconds wouldn’t effect in case you are waiting for bus or train but in case of online system, disconnection for few seconds will impact badly. Consider that entire system of share market goes down for few seconds then it could bring very high loss.

Consider a case of server crash at a data center because of power issue. It could impact economic condition of that company badly. Continuous power supply has been the most eminent need for data centers and IT companies. We have already installed generator sets for numerous IT companies in different parts of Bangalore. For more information about power generator rental, you can contact team of Power-Express. As per requirement, our team of experts will provide information to proceed further.