Why Us

Why Choose Us

10+ Years of Industry Experience.

Trustworthy Provider for Diverse Industries and Projects

Rapid Response

Equipment is available at short notice and can be delivered and installed rapidly to meet your

Turn Key Service

Our specialist services include everything from initial assessment of needs to service backup.

No Capital

Renting equipment eliminates the need for capital expenditure when purchasing equipment. It incurs no large down payments or interest costs and preserves your borrowing capacity.

Guaranteed Reliability

Built-in redundancy and on-site technicians mean that you can rest assured that the power supplies by our power plants is reliable and will run 24/7 if needed.

Reduce Risk

We train our teams and maintain our equipment to the highest standards, reducing your exposure to any associated risks. 

Fuel Flexible

We are fuel flexible, and have power generators that can run on diesel, (gas including natural gad CNG, LNG, APG and LPG), heavy fuel oil (HFO) and solar thermal hybrid. 

Fuel Capacity

The installed capacity of our power packages can be increased or decreased as required. Equipment is available on a short or long-term basis, depending on your power and temperature control needs. 

Commercial Flexibility

Need to increase or decrease how many generators are required during the contract? No problem, We can work with you to agree flexible terms that make us both happy.

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