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We offer need-based solutions to a range of power requirements be it major engineering and infrastructure companies, manufacturing plants, construction companies and other utility companies etc.


When your working on new construction sites, upgrading an existing facility...

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Our engineers have years of experience in partnering with Electrical, mechanical...

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Infra Power

We are flexible and dynamic to suite the changing needs of your infra project like...

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Utilities and Domestic

We offer one stop answer to you power back-up solutions we can take care...

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We understand the challenges in manufacturing sector and have designed...

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Emergency Services

We are ready to respond to emergencies of all sizes from getting to restoration power...

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Ware house and Logistics

Corporate Offices + workspaces that finely represents your Company’s brand...

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Data center’s & Facility Management

We provide data center’s all over the India with a constant power A partnership...

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Events Power Diesel Generator

Events have the most dynamic power requirement and we understand this segment...

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