Power-Express has been one of the prominent names for generator rental at construction sites. We have wide range of generator set as per requirement. Vehicle mounted generators are highly portable and can reach even to narrow streets of city. Construction sites need high and continuous power supply so we can’t imagine real estate site without power generator.

Bangalore is one of the rapidly growing cities when we consider Indian sub continent. City outskirts have been growing at rapid pace. Numerous real estate construction companies are active in Bangalore city.

Types of Power generators used at construction sites:

We can’t imagine a construction site without continuous power supply. Different types of small and big machineries often run at these sites. Grid power can’t supply required voltage and ampere for high load requirements. Suppose your construction site is located at a remote place then it wouldn’t be possible to expect any help from gird system. It is not all about building as numerous other types of constructions also need generator like roads, bridges, business park etc.

List of generators are as below:

  1. Containerized generators: when construction site is spread in large area then it is extremely important to have a portable generator. Containerized structure makes it perfect for movement from one place to another.
  2. Diesel Construction Generator: this is the most used version of power generator. It is highly efficient and can be used in harsh environment.
  3. Gas Generator: if you are operating at sensitive area then this type of generator is a perfect option. No emission and less noise are associated features.

Apart from these options, in several countries there is an option to install small power plant. For more information, check website of Power-Express.