Commercial Generator

Black-outs don’t just leave you in the dark; they also mean a loss of revenue and a potential breach of your security. Eliminate downtime and keep your company running by investing in back-up power today – choose from our range of Power Express generators.

Facility Of Power Express Commercial Generator

No loss of productivity when the power goes off: With a back-up power solution from Power Express you won’t experience any loss of sales and can retain your revenue. Your standard of customer service can also remain consistent during power outages, as internet and phone lines will not be affected. Clients will have the security of knowing that you’re open and fully-functional, which gives you a distinct competitive advantage.

Superior service from start to finish: Our relationship with our customers doesn’t simply end with the sale. From assessment to set-up, our service contracts are individually tailored to suit your requirements and budget. Let us visit your business premises to perform a site inspection and evaluation that will establish your exact back-up power needs.

Value for money: We have been specialising in back-up power solutions since 2015, so we know our products. Our generators are reasonably priced and, with our turnkey solutions, you can rest assured that you’re getting excellent value for your money. We always have spares readily available, can supply generators given very short lead times, and – if anything breaks down – we come and service it.